About the purpose of the FeverFriend campaign

Unreasonable fear of fever and the consequent unjustified use of medication is one of the most common phenomena in health care today. Antipyretic drugs are the most commonly used drugs in paediatrics.

Fever is one of the body’s defense mechanisms, a common symptom of acute illnesses. There can be a number of reasons in the background, mostly an infection. The majority of everyday febrile conditions that last for hours or a few days are caused by a common (usually viral) infection that does not require medication. Because we usually don’t need to treat it. The aim of our program is to draw attention to the fact that fever is only a symptom of the disease, it is biologically useful as a defense reaction, and its suppression is often not only unnecessary, but also not beneficial.

Therefore, we strive to make the latest evidence-based scientific knowledge of the optimal fever phenomenon widely available and to help put it into practice, both among professionals and lay people. We wish to promote a positive attitude towards fever.


How do we do what we do?

  1. Authentically: We follow the evidence-based literature regularly. We indicate the sources used. The content of the website is thus constantly being updated and expanded to keep abreast of changes in knowledge.
  2. Pluralistically: we orient ourselves and inform our readers about the different perspectives and experiences within the profession. Therefore, what we report might sound unusual, surprising, little-known, or even unknown.
  3. We welcome any constructive comments or suggestions.
  4. The content of the website, the training courses and the application are protected by copyright. Before citing, our written consent is needed. When citing, the source must be documented with FeverFriendTM. Their use, at all times, is the personal responsibility of the user and is not a substitute for medical care.
  5. We distance ourselves from scientifically unproven views, extreme and divisive comments and attitudes that threaten the safety of patients.
  6. We work in the public interest, free from individual, political and economic interests


Thank you for your donations to support our work!

Civil Support Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.

Bank account: HU33162001371853479500000000

Magnet Közösségi Bank: 16200137-18534795


Who are we?

A staff of about 10: doctors, health-care professionals, sociology and pedagogical professionals, excellent computer programmers and enthusiastic, experienced parents.

Leader of the initiative: Henrik Szőke, MD, Ph.D., pediatrician, associate professor


Our professional partners:

University of Pécs

Országos Mentőszolgálat (Hungarian National Ambulance Service)

Karolina Hospital Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungarian Medical Chamber Győr-Moson-Sopron County Territorial Organization

HOGYI Módszertani Központ (Heim Pál Hospital)

Universität Witten www.feverapp.dewarmuptofever.org

and many others


Refer to the literature by numbers in this document here: References

Version update: 03 October 2020