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With the FeverFriend mobile app, you can safely identify how severe the febrile condition is (optimal and harmless or dangerous) and what to do in these cases. The app can be used during the COVID-19 pandemics.
It can help you if you are very worried or don’t know what to do.
You can avoid unnecessary antipyretic medication or unnecessary consultations with a doctor.
You can learn to treat febrile conditions confidently and safely.
You can document the febrile illnesses for yourself and share them with your doctor.
You help the app do scientific research and thus help other parents as well.
Fever is one of the most common symptoms to see a doctor. Although children’s fever is harmless in most cases, many parents are insecure and anxious.
The app and the knowledge base helps you:
  - If your doctor does not have enough time to provide proper and thorough information.
  - If you are confused by a lot of the conflicting pieces of information that different people or media are presenting.
  - If you do not agree with uninformed opinions expressing old bad habits and misconceptions.
  - If you are interested in certain details: how exactly to measure fever, which symptoms are completely normal, harmless and which are actually worrying.
  - If you want to know what you can and should do in different situations.
  Should I give medicine, should I see a doctor or not?
  - If you want to prepare in advance, so that when your child has a fever, 
you can act correctly.